12×12 Challenge: Day 2 (December 27th)

Day 2 begins with video & audio of Romans 12: Click HERE to watch!

Word(s) for Day 2: Be Transformed

Perhaps today’s words are part of God’s Be-Attitudes for believers (you know… Be Still. Beloved…). Many of us have been programmed to default to the Do Not’s of the Christian faith, yet Paul is teaching here that God Himself is DOing; we are simply to BE. Be His. Be Open. Be Willing. Be Changed.


Powerful and Holy God, I believe that You alone have the ability to transform and renew. I confess that I hold onto the lies I’ve been told – the ones that say I’ve got the power to change myself – and I admit that I need You to re-write that script in my head today. And tomorrow. And in the year to come.

I’m so drawn to the doing that to simply BE and to allow You to DO is more than difficult for me. Open my ears to Your Spirit’s wisdom-whisper today as You speak Your Words – Be Transformed – over me. Amen.

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