12×12 Challenge: Day 3 (December 28th)

Day 3 begins with Romans 12 in the Amplified Bible: Click HERE to read!

Word(s) for Day 3: NEW (renewal, new ideals, new attitude)

God is doing something NEW and He wants YOU to be involved! The world around us is pretty predictable, with its hunger for comfort and money and things, but this isn’t where the heart of God is… He is shaking things up all around us, inviting women and men into a NEW way of thinking about the world in light of our Kingdom connections. The fruit we can expect when offering our ordinary to the God of second chances is anything BUT normal by the standards of this world! God’s NEW is going to get underneath your skin, turn your routine and expectations upside-down, and generate NEW priorities, NEW goals and even NEW thoughts inside your head. God-planted thoughts. Spirit-directed thoughts. Attitudes and ideals becoming of a child of the King.


God Who continues to create, make something NEW out of me! I give You access to the raw material of my life – my thoughts, my physical body, my presence and my connections – so that You can put me to work in new ways for the good of others and for the goals of Your Kingdom. Today I choose to decisively dedicate myself and all of my resources to You, yielding my own short-sighted goals and priorities to Your big-picture plan; making room for the renewal that only You can enact in me. Amen.

1 thought on “12×12 Challenge: Day 3 (December 28th)

  1. I like the word renewal here. Some synonyms for renewal are: awakening, rebirth, resurrection. I’m excited for this ‘spiritual awakening’ in me. Thank you for this day 3 challenge, Brita.

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