Christmas in July (Operation LOL)

English: A Comedy icon, based on the Drama Icon

English: A Comedy icon, based on the Drama Icon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Make Them Smile With Quotes & Sayings

A Google search for funny sayings, greeting card humor or humorous quotes will produce a plethora of giggle-producing words for the folks you celebrate with (you can even search by specific types of humor: golf humor, computer humor, teacher jokes, animal jokes, etc.).

If you land on one saying or verse or joke that makes you laugh tears, consider using it as your theme; gifting something to each recipient on your list with your chosen humor as the highlight. Or, you might enjoy personalizing the words you choose for each recipient instead, in which case you could give the same type of gift but with a different saying on each.

Frame it! Use computer graphics, embroidery, cross-stitch or even a photograph to create a frameable version of your words.

One way to make this a family project would be to write out the words (boldly) on posterboard and then photograph your children, grandchildren or yourself holding the board. You might even enlist your family to act out the saying or joke in a photo and surround it by a matboard where the words have been written or mounted below. Purchase frames from your local craft or dollar store and dress them up to suit your recipients.

Knock Knock Jokes! Woodworkers might enjoy creating 8×10 doors with a drawer-pull for a knob, and writing or painting (or even decoupaging) a Knock Knock joke onto each. This would make a fun gift for families to create together – let the kids help choose the jokes!

Magnetic Words! Buy magnets or sheets of magnetic craft paper (with peel-off sticky surface) and make your humor refrigerator-ready. This option is great for people who enjoy creating on the computer.

Environmentally or Socially Conscientious? Secondhand, thrift and consignment stores hold untold treasures for those who are choosy about how they shop (and have the time to hunt and explore). With six months to go until Christmas, you could have an obscene amount of fun searching for plaques, t-shirts or mugs with funny sayings to suit everyone on your gifting list!

This theming idea is rich with memory-making potential, since each piece will have a story of its own to be shared as your gifts are opened.

Bundles! Consider giving family gifts instead of individual gifts this year. For each family on your list, create a bundle of funny items that suit your recipients:

  • Age-appropriate joke books (try your local Christian bookstore or for clean humor for kids)
  • Comic books or a collection of funny pages/cartoons from your local newspaper
  • Fun candy (Cost Plus World Market has some pretty interesting options) – things like candy pacifiers, yellow snow, chocolate coal, marshmallow snowman poop…
  • Humorous games, like Mad-Libs or The Game of Things for family fun nights (check out the game section at Target or on

Stuff your funny finds into a basket or hand-decorated smiley face bag!

Calendars! Enlist your children’s help in creating joke-of-the-month calendars to share! These could even be handwritten and signed by the contributing child so all recipients can connect with the monthly humorist. Maybe even put a photo of that month’s contributor – smiling or laughing, of course – on the page with the joke.

Have an idea to share? Use the reply option below!

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