Want What You’ve Got! (stories)


I spent a recent weekend at a retreat with some of the most amazing women I’ve been blessed to know. Throughout the event, woven into the fabric of our time together, were bursts of laughter, warm and comforting hugs, honest questions, brilliant epiphanies, the sting of tears, and… stories.

Our stories – the re-telling of our trials and triumphs – aren’t always the stories we want to claim. Many of us have experienced things in our lifetime that we still wish hadn’t happened.

But our stories make us who we are today, and who we are today is a work of God! Each challenge we’ve faced and every turn of events we’ve navigated serves to shape and define us. This is what I noticed as I listened to the stories being lifted up by the women around me, and as I saw each of my sisters in her present reality (uniquely gifted, impassioned and equipped to serve) I was struck by how each is the sum of her stories plus the power of her God.

You may not like all of the stories of your life. You might not willingly embrace your past or see yourself as a holy equation in process. You may not Want What You’ve Got – the trauma and issues and drama you’ve been dealt. But your stories are only part of the math, and if you’re breathing, there is more calculation yet to be done.

Today, think back to elementary school and consider yourself a holy story problem! Stop trying to undo what cannot be undone and instead choose to yield to the One who knows how to do the math.

And tell your stories to those of us who need to believe that God is working it all out in the present problems of our lives, because we need you to Want What You’ve Got so that we can, too.

Daily Questions: Think back over your life and remember some of the trials God has seen you through. What difficult or painful situations has God delivered you from? How has He redeemed your stories? How has God used your stories to bring hope, perspective or healing to others? Is there a story from your past or present that God wants you to be telling (and to whom)?



2 thoughts on “Want What You’ve Got! (stories)

  1. It took years to know that God knew our Story, and wrote our story long before we lived it out. As we were on a training mission in God’s Classroom and wanted to give up and thought I was going to Flunk out, God still was there teaching us along the way about forgiveness, but mostly what I learned these past few years was forgiveness was Not a word , it’s an ACTION. By our Actions we are to show Christ Love, nowhere does the Bible say by our Anger, We are who we are because of our childhood, good or bad, it’s what we choose to do with it. Although, it never goes away, and things remind us or trigger those events, the greatest reminder is our mentor and loving father is still there teaching us and guiding us, putting people in our lives that we need in each season and time of our growth for healing and for us to teach others what we have learned along our journey and I am so Thankful that I have had that opportunity to share my testimony and am able to still learn, give and focus on others in emotional pain as well, that is a Blessing in return. I know he’s got a plan still yet for me to come!! AMEN!!

    • Amen, Kim! Thank you for sharing your wisdom, hard-won on the “field trip” of life! I am so blessed to have heard some of your story, and I see God’s love at work in you.

      Thank you for being such an example of God’s merciful presence in this world! He truly shines in you!

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