Want What You’ve Got! (challenger)


It has recently become clear to my family that we are in need of a car. With my husband’s commute of more than 90 miles each way to work, our well-used and mileage-laden minivan has begun to send signals that it is road-weary and ready for some respite time on the driveway. A few weeks ago we began our vehicle search…

Before we knew it, we were standing in front of the car of my dreams – a Dodge Challenger. Moments later, we were on a test drive and I was salivating over this muscle car that I had never dreamed we might actually one day own.

Exercising great restraint, we stayed out of the dealer’s cubicle and opted instead to wait and test drive a few other models before making a decision, which we did, but two days later we were seated inside the Dodge salesman’s office – contemplating financing and sitting face-to-face with paperwork on the dream car.

It was taking a really long time (I guess it always does), and we had a family study group to host and feed in only a few hours. My husband finally, wisely, turned to me and said that we should go home, think about it, and come back later in the week if this was really what we wanted to do. He was right, so we left – fully intending to return and take our baby home in a day or two.

Our study that night was the study I mentioned at the beginning of this Lenten series, and the concept that was introduced as we sat around the living room was the idea of having enough. If we have what we need, can we seriously say that this is enough and allow God to re-allocate our excess for the benefit of those who don’t?

After everyone went home and my husband and I were cleaning up, he said:

“I don’t think you’re going to like my take-away from our study tonight.”

Holding out hope that he wasn’t going to say what I thought he was going to say, I waited for the kicker…

“I think the Challenger is more than enough.”

And he was right. I knew it. Didn’t like it, but I knew that what he was saying was true.

The faithful response to the needs in our lives is to meet the need. Our need was for a road-worthy vehicle which would safely get my husband to work and serve our pocketbook as well. Ultimately, we decided it was also in our best interest to buy a vehicle that might not harm the environment any more than necessary, either, and so our hybrid purchase sits on the driveway today, sporting 50 miles per gallon and smiling at me every time I look outside.

I may not smile back as much as I would have if my Challenger sat outside instead, but I can honestly say that I Want What I’ve Got. May you also opt for that which is enough today so that your overflow tomorrow might be just enough to meet the needs of those around you – those who are waiting for the smile that only you can give.

Daily Questions: What purchases are you contemplating in the next several months? Are you willing to honestly evaluate your needs and buy only that which is enough to meet them?


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