Want What You’ve Got! (weekend)

Messy RoomFloor.

I’m pretty sure that my son’s room has one, its just that I can’t remember what it looks like (it’s been so long since I’ve seen it).

Guess what he’s going to be doing this weekend?!

Looking around at the piles of clothing, books, sporting goods and teenage-toys strewn across his alleged floorboards, it’s pretty clear to me that our children are doing everything they can to get what they want in this permissive society we live in… and they’re learning from the masters. We are intentional about teaching our kids to use their manners, show respect for others and to do their best in school (aren’t we?), yet we continue to add to the illusion that more is more and enough is actually a four-letter word. We do this – I do this – by example.

Maybe your room is clean and you won’t need to spend most of Saturday and a few hours on Sunday to unearth your bed (actually, that’s not a problem for my son – his loft bed is the only thing you can see right now – only getting to the stairs requires tornado insurance), but maybe there are closets or shelves or piles in your home that are sending confusing messages to those who live with you or will visit you this weekend.

Look around your home today – do you Want What You’ve Got? On this third weekend of our Lenten adventure, we’re beginning to realize that there is always another angle to consider when it comes to faithful living. It’s not all about me for the believer in Jesus who longs for God’s Kingdom Come!

“We want to live well, but our foremost efforts should be to help others live well.” (1 Corinthians 10:24 MSG)

If this is true, then our example is foremost in showing others a better way to live. Our kids (spouses, parents, grandchildren) won’t necessarily Want What They’ve Got unless we do. This weekend, let’s take action! Let’s show them how.

Daily Questions: Where does your excess show up around your home? Do others see it? Start with the areas that are most obvious to others and ask yourself what messages you are sending through your stuff. Is there something you need to do in an effort to help others live well, by your example? Maybe it’s been a long time since someone told you to clean your room?



One thought on “Want What You’ve Got! (weekend)

  1. Brita – My boy was pretty good and still is a “Nancy neat.” He does housework, ironing, etc. if his wife can’t get to it. However, my daughter was another matter altogether. Dishes under the bed, sometimes with food still on them, dirty glasses, silverware – and somehow in all this disaster she found something clean to wear. She knew which pile was clean – only the Lord knows how. She has gotten better over the years, but not much. I finally gave up yelling and thought if she wanted to live like a pig, so be it. Just keep the door closed – ’cause I was a neat freak. So we clashed quite a bit. Obviously, I didn’t win. My son’s only problem was the “holy” jeans – they seemed to be his best clothes, although at that time, we were doing quite well. He had nice clothes, but they weren’t in “style.” Funny thing, after all these years, those “holy” jeans are still “in.” Oh well, we made it through, and what goes around comes around. My grandson would wear his boxers to church if they allowed him to do so. Fond memories of the past. Jackie

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