Trek to the Manger (DQ1)

Trek to the Manger Ch. 1 2017You didn’t sign up for a season of CrossFit, but here we are – at the foot of the Cross and fit-to-be-tied.

For my friends who are committed to taking a Trek to the Manger this Advent season, my first question for you is this:

What challenges do you anticipate this season will bring? 

I’m going to be honest, and I hope you will be, too. The past couple of months have been… rough. As much as I want to celebrate this Christmas, I’m mourning a little bit, too. (Wait. I told you I’d be honest. There’s a whole lot of mourning going on!)

I miss my house.

I miss my friends.

I miss my church family.

I miss the “me” I used to be.

And at the end of the day, it’s going to be a challenge for me to celebrate the Light because all I really want to do is wallow in my loss. Does this make sense? Can I get an Amen? Anyone else there with me?

How about you? What’s YOUR biggest challenge going to be as we move into this holiday season?

Post your comments and thoughts below (and remember – if it’s your first time posting at Pink Shoes Ministries, there will be a delay before your post is approved).



19 thoughts on “Trek to the Manger (DQ1)

  1. You can get an Amen! I arrived in Arizona 10 days before Christmas almost 2 years ago. As much as I love Arizona, relocation is hard. Wisconsin keeps pulling my heart back. Family medical issues, Facebook posts from friends doing the things I used to do with them and even the snow I hate and moved to get away from. I’m searching to find the Christmas peace in my heart.

  2. The challenges I am facing this season are extra responsibilities than the normal ones related to family, a new role, and accepting a new normal. Also, aiming to balance it all is a challenge. Change is all around us, isn’t it? Your post reminds me that I think it’s time again to go on an advent-ure.

  3. What will be difficult is having Nick move away so close to the holidays without being able to come back. Another is packing the house to move and not being able to decorate the entire house as I normally do. Only 6 of my 50+ are nativities up.

    • It definitely seems as if there is a theme of “transitions” trending among our Trekkers this year! Michelle, I know how hard it can be to have your children far away, especially around the holidays. I’ll be praying for you as we set out on this light-seeking journey!

  4. What a GREAT way to open the discussion!
    I am loving the opportunity to be specific in my prayers for you!
    For me:
    I am sad that my adult children don’t want to be part of my life and I haven’t yet met my only biological grandchild because of this.
    I miss my family.
    I am concerned about my husband’s surgery on Dec. 6th and how his healing will go.
    I don’t want to become cynical or angry about these things during the holiday season and beyond.

    • I would be so grateful for your prayers, Leslie Ann! You are carrying such a big load, and I believe God wants to unburden your spirit so you can shine His great light and be a source of healing for others. There is power in naming our struggles – they lose their hold on us when we take hold of them. It is a gift to pray for you on this path!

    • Charla! We’ve made our move to the Valley, now that our nest is empty. All is well – at least, as well as it can be when everything changes all at once! It’s so great to hear from you, my friend! Hope you’ll Trek again this year?!

  5. The holiday season is always a challenge for me because all of the “family focus” reminds me and my husband of our empty nest. Every year I try to focus on other families and events so our home doesn’t feel so empty…

    It is a challenge because as much as we love the holidays, there is always a sense of loss for the family we thought we would have by now.

    • Thank you, Kari, for your willingness to share your challenge with us. I never thought about the empty nest in the way you describe it here, but having a recently emptied nest myself, I connect with your heart over this. Thank you for being real! So happy you’re on the Trek!

  6. My lifelong sweetheart entered hospice on December 8,20w6 and home to Jesus February 26, 2017, . Having gone through our anniversady, his birthday and now Thanksgiving; I realize that feeling joy, peace and a sense if worship – well it’s going to take special grace that only God can provide. I feel the losses you all speak of and one is no more or less than another. Grief and loss are different for all but equal!

    • You are right-on, my sister! I’m so happy you’re weighing in on the Trek with us this year! You have so much wisdom to share – I hope you will get to know the girls (and brave guys, if they show up!) in our Trek community. You are in my prayers today!

  7. So much is different this year — no real sense of anticipation. Last year, it didn’t really hit until Christmas Day that Michael wouldn’t be with us, no time off after moving and starting his new job. Now it’s just a reality. That, and those other losses that you know so well. Trying to find some way to reload hope, peace, joy, love.

    • “Reload hope, peace, joy, love…” I hear you, Gail. That’s a trek I’m ready to take with you, but I suspect we’ll have to unload some of what we’re carrying around in order to make room. For me, I think I need to offload some of the expectations I brought with me into this season of “different.” How about you?

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