Trek to the Manger (DQ2)

Trek to the Manger Ch 2You wouldn’t leave home with laces dangling from your kicks, would you? But how many times have you hit the ground running without having tied your spiritual laces in prayer?

Tying your shoes is a matter of practicality. If a shoe is made to be tied, it won’t function properly without tightening the laces.

Tying your shoes is also a matter of safety; the referee will even blow his whistle and stop the game for a soccer cleat in need of a good, strong double-knot.

It’s the same with prayer! Prayer is practical, because our design as human beings requires intentionality to insure that life functions as it should. Prayer is also a safety feature, keeping us from the avoidable hazards created by rushing into life without concern for how prepared we actually are (or aren’t).

Two questions for today, then.

If prayer is the act of tying your spiritual shoes, how might you add this important step to your daily routine during Advent? (Keep in mind that shoe-tying isn’t a time-intensive investment, but it is a critical step in preparing for the day.)

What prayer(s) are particularly special to you? Are there words that you use to draw close to God that you might be willing to share with us? 

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14 thoughts on “Trek to the Manger (DQ2)

  1. Every morning before I get busy, I make a drink with fresh lemon juice, raw organic apple cider vinegar and raw local honey, and watch a bit of news. I can easily ditch the news (depressing) and focus on prayer to start my day.

  2. I spend time in prayer on my drive in to work every morning. It’s my quiet time to put on some worship music…or not have any noise at all…and just talk with God. About my day, about my life, about anyone who is on my heart. I really try to just listen to the prompting of the spirit…when someone is on my heart or mind, I try to take a moment and pray for that person specifically.

    Many times words fail me…so I sing my prayers… it’s my love language with God. 🙂

      • I often express my feelings in song because so much of my thoughts and feelings will resonate with a song. Even If by Mercy Me is one that has spoken to my heart…and Different. “I wanna be different, I wanna be changed til all of me is gone and all that remains is a fire so bright the whole world can see that there’s something different…so could you be different in me?” I am always praying for others to see Jesus in me…

      • When I was in high school, I traveled for a summer with a group that sang in churches across the US and abroad. That summer, the refrain of our theme song went like this: “You’re the only Jesus some will ever see, and you’re the only words of life some will ever read. Let them see in you the One in who is all they’ll ever need, ’cause you’re the only Jesus some will ever see.” (You’re making me think in song now, too, Kari!)

  3. This is so why I love you Brita! A simple every day action becomes a prayer. I most often have a line from a song that enters my mind for no reason. It could only be the Spirit speaking to me. Today it is “bless the Lord oh my soul and all that is within me bless his holy name!”

  4. I like to use the time on the drive to work, however that doesn’t always happen. I plan to be more intentional in turning everything off and tuning in during the drive. My favorite way is to just have a conversation with him like he is in the car, sitting next to me.

    • More and more, I prefer silence in the car to any music-my thoughts are usually so loud that they drown out the background noise, anyways.

      Here’s a thought on prayer – I heard it on the radio yesterday. If all of your prayers were answered by God, would anyone’s life but your own be affected? Definitely makes you think about how you pray and what you pray for, doesn’t it?

      • I start the day with worship through my Christian music station on Pandora while i shower and dress. Then, my vanity is sort of an alter. I have many spiritual trinkets there and that is when I am thoughtful in prayer. I did however drive 30 mintues each way, to/from work, in silence today. It was kind of nice. I would like to be more intentional about how I pray.

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