Trek to the Manger (DQ5)

Trek to the Manger Ch 5Our traveling buddies can make or break the trip. Seriously.

Today’s challenge may be an unwelcome gift, yet it’s one we just have to unwrap.

Consider who you’re traveling with these days. Who are your comfortable, familiar friends? Who are the unpredictable newbies? Do you have the balance right between them, or is there some calibrating to do?

You don’t have to name names, but do share!

Click on the post title, above, then scroll down to the “Reply” area to weigh in on today’s discussion question, or to share your thoughts about chapter 5 in Trek to the Manger.


8 thoughts on “Trek to the Manger (DQ5)

  1. Aww….I love this! My husband and I love car road trips together. We love discovering new spots in Arizona (and new restaurants! ) We also visit and travel with a couple from Illinois, recalibrated and downsized from a group of 8. I think travel habits and activities we like to do together (like play cards and visit wineries)have formed this group of 4. Then there is the travel group from Wisconsin that usually numbers a dozen or so, the more the merrier! We were invited in as the newbies and clicked with enough of the group to keep going. We usually went to Mexico (or some other place warm) in February to enjoy a big ‘ol beach party.
    My dad was a teacher, so when the family traveled together we always did something educational, a rule I still adhere to whenever I go somewhere new.
    I’m getting on a plane to WI in 5 days. I usually like to keep to myself and not chat with seatmates, but other people usually have different ideas!
    I love to travel….I don’t get to do it very often so it always feels exciting!

  2. Not only do I travel with my family, but I travel with my grouping sisters. These women mean the world to me. We pray for each other, support each other, give each other advice and love each other. Oh, and we walk one of us down the aisle. They filled a huge hole I wasn’t complete aware of. One of the great things is even if we don’t agree we can still sit with each other and support each other. We are comfortable enough with our differences that those differences don’t matter.

    • What you’ve described is such a clear picture of the “with-ness” factor, Michelle! While there are definitely times that we are to speak up and testify to the truth of the Gospel message, Scripture teaches very plainly that God works through people, and the best way to get in on that ministry is to be with people. It’s what Jesus did around the supper table, on the road between towns, in the boat, by the sea… pretty much everywhere He went. I can just see your sister-group walking down the aisle together… breathtaking!!!

      • I miss my grouping buddies!! Friday mornings at Chick-fil-a….ah, yes…it does fill a void. 🙂

  3. I have been praying for the Lord to introduce me to new women and expand my circles even more. These prayers have started mainly through my Posh business, but my business is part of my ministry. It has been a way for me to connect with women who I might not ever meet otherwise. Over the last few weeks I have been meeting some pretty fantastic new friends through the Holiday vendor events…this is one highlight of the holiday season. Although it is busy fitting in these vendor events…and I don’t always sell much…i always end up making some connections and my bucket is filled in ways I never could have asked for.

    My comfortable and familiar road trip companions are a faithful lot of people who love me through everything…and know that even if we haven’t talked in a few days..weeks…or even months… they are still welcome in the car for the ride! 🙂 I keep balance by making sure I phone my closest friends and family on my commute home (the commute to work in the morning is saved for prayer and God time!). This has worked so well because it is a time I have set aside every day…and yet it also gives me time where I can focus on talking with them and just enjoy some quality time on the phone with my favorite people.

    (All this talk about road trips makes me want to travel somewhere new and reconnect with an old friend!)

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