Trek to the Manger (DQ6)

Trek to the Manger Ch. 6 2017It’s a beautiful thing, when God uses something ordinary to reveal something holy. 

He did it with the star that heralded Jesus’ birth.

He did it with Jesus’ stories about farmers and dirt.

And he does it with you, when you live the way you’re made!

Pointing to Jesus with our lives is what being a citizen of heaven is all about. Who do you know who does this well? What makes their impact so powerful?

Today’s Star Sighting challenges us to leak the Light wherever we go. Think of one ordinary, routine part of your day and start to pray that God will illuminate it! May He use you to reveal something holy to the light-starved people in that place.




3 thoughts on “Trek to the Manger (DQ6)

  1. Who do I know who points to Jesus with their life? Pastor Charles at Crossroads Lutheran is a great example! His impact is powerful because he meets people where they live….the grocery store, the coffee shop, the gas station. As an introvert, small talk is hard for me. I try to imagine how I would react if I found myself in line at the grocery store with Pastor Charles if I did not know him. He truely embodies the “meet God, meet friends, make life better” mission of Crossroads!

    • Agreed! It’s beautiful, what happens when we just walk with people. That’s pretty much what Jesus did! We need here & now examples of this, though, so we know that this is still how God is working today. Thanks for sharing!

  2. My best friend Audra… and my best friend Susan. Both of these ladies have incredible faith that inspires me so much. They both see God’s hand in their current circumstances and notice the little Kairos moments when they happen. I can talk to them, pray with them, and share with them and they are always patient, kind, understanding, and encourage my spirit. 🙂

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