Trek to the Manger (DQ14)

Trek to the Manger Ch 14

Consider carefully the voices you are listening to today.

Who are you seeking guidance from?

Do the voices you listen to reflect the wisdom of God’s Word?

Be honest with yourself – are there changes to be made?

One of my favorite women in the world has always said, “God is a gentleman.” He doesn’t force His way into our lives – into our personal space. He invites us to join Him where He  is, and then He waits. He calls! He waits.

This is not what we are used to, if we’re honest, and the explosion of sexual harassment lawsuits on our country’s landscape is proof.

When in doubt, God – and the godly ones – are those who are right there when you need them, when you’re ready to engage. They aren’t in your face, they aren’t bullhorn-ing their way into your space.

They call! They wait.

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