Trek to the Manger (DQ17)

Trek to the Manger Ch 17Is there a difference between “random” and “intentional” when it comes to acts of kindness?

Does motivation matter? Or is the end result the thing?

This week, I challenge you to plan a Secret Angel adventure! Involve your kids or a co-worker, if you like. Surprise someone with an unexpected blessing, then take a few minutes to describe how this made you feel.

To reply, click on the title of this post and scroll down to the “Reply” section below. Participants who post at least twice during the Trek are eligible for nifty prizes! Click the “Trek to the Manger” tab, above, for details.


4 thoughts on “Trek to the Manger (DQ17)

  1. Sunday afternoon I dropped in at my neighbors to share some magazines. When she finally made it to the door she was clearly having a serious medical emergency. It was a stroke and has left her weak and some speech impairment. I love the intentional planning but once again realize that every moment God can give opportunity to be kind, show love and simply “be ” in His name. I praise Him today for my random visit to Val’s and ask your prayers for her healing.

    • You are so right! We must be ready for anything – any opportunity God may place in front of us, to be of service to others in His Name. Maybe the intentional part isn’t just planning our actions, but giving God access to our hands and feet for His use. Praying for Val today!

  2. To me the difference between random and intentional would be the receiver versus the giver. As a receiver it would seem to be a random act of kindness because it’s out of my norm to receive kindness in this manner. If I was the giver it would be intentional because I’m looking to do something for someone. I think the motivation matters because that is what gets you to get up and do it. However, the end result is always nice for both the receiver and the giver.

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