Trek to the Manger (DQ19)

Trek to the Manger Ch 19I firmly believe that everything goes better with a soundtrack. 

You don’t have to be John Williams to know this (although, wouldn’t it be amazing to have him write your life’s theme song?).

Several winters ago, as my family was planning an east coast trip, I issued a Mom-decree (you know – the kind you just can’t refuse). I challenged my husband, daughter and son to create their own mix-CDs for the drive – a compilation of their top 10-or-so-ish favorite songs. Of all time. I made one, too.

We climbed into our rental car and headed toward the beach, and we each took turns showcasing our tunes to the fam.


I still laugh at some of our choices, and I marvel at the power of music to speak to us, teach us, and open us up to conversations that would never happen without its influence.


Today’s challenge isn’t a question you need to weigh in on. Today, as you pry your eyes open and begin again, I challenge you to choose your theme song and then go live it out – everywhere!

At work (hum it at the water cooler). At the gym (pretend it’s being piped into your headphones and sing along). In the car (go to town! No one can hear you, anyways). In the kitchen (who cares if someone hears you – sing louder).

It doesn’t have to be “99 Bottles,” but I dare you to harness the power of music today.

With gusto!

If you’re dying to tell us what your song choice is, believe me – we want to know!

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