Trek to the Manger (DQ20)

Trek to the Manger Ch 20I never realized, in previous moves, just what a big deal it is to have a trade route.

A trade route!

You know – a consistent path along which your favorite and necessary stops are arranged. Groceries. Dry cleaner. Redbox. Starbucks. The bank.

These days, I’m re-configuring my trade route, and I’m on the hunt for a new hair salon, smoothie place, consignment store, and Amazon locker.

As I explore my new neighborhood, I’m unusually aware of just how brutal customer service can be, especially during the holidays when stress levels are elevated and schedules are tight. How might you give some appreciation away as you encounter clerks, waitresses and receptionists this week?

Go! Spread some love around on your trade route today!


2 thoughts on “Trek to the Manger (DQ20)

  1. Well said! I had a similar thought this week in empathy for all who labor in the service industries – including air and ground transportation – and who are taken for granted at best and treated unkindly at worst by hurried and harried shoppers/travelers.
    If the destination is so important – THAT perfect gift, THAT on-time arrival – we might consider that every step of the journey and the people we encounter along the way are too. A little patience, a little kindness just make everything a little better all around.

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