About Pink Shoes Ministries

Pink Shoes Ministries is the home of author, speaker and Christian leader Brita Hammit, whose heart for women’s ministry has produced a number of thematic Women’s Retreat events and devotional blog series.

Brita’s greatest joy is found in creating opportunities for people to experience the power and presence of God in practical and deeply personal ways. By identifying those things that women already have in common, Pink Shoes Ministries is able to reach women at every age and stage in the journey of faith through events that create space for the Teacher – the Holy Spirit – to do His powerful and life-changing work.

Brita has been called to equip and encourage the saints through teaching, women’s and family ministry, and prayer initiatives. Brita earned an M.A. Degree in Christian Studies/Leadership from Grand Canyon University in 2016 and is leveraging her education and rich life experiences for the Kingdom of God, every day.

Brita makes her home in Arizona and is supported by her amazing family, who see to it that life is always full of activity and opportunities to be led by the Spirit of God.



10 thoughts on “About Pink Shoes Ministries

  1. This is really great Brita! It just adds to one of your many great talents that you share with us. I will share this with others. Good luck and God’s blessings on your new challenge.
    Cathy N.

  2. ‎”For the Lord your God will hold your right hand, saying to you , ‘ Fear Not, I will help you.” ~ Isaiah 41:13

  3. Thanks for inviting me to check out your site!! I just ran across the cd and last summer, I found the pics from our woman’s retreat in 2004! I always enjoy reading your insights! Hi to the family!!!

  4. Hey mama!!!! You look pretty darn GOOD in these pictures:) Miss you!!!!!
    PS. If anyone knows this lady, it’s me:) and she knows what she’s talking about!!! 🙂

  5. Brita!
    It is so cool to see Pink Shoes develop and grow! You are an amazing lady – always have been! I was honored to know you in school and am glad to still be in touch now! God Bless, Gaby

    • Your words are SO appreciated, Gaby! I am forever amazed at the way the internet ‘shrinks’ the world, bridging the time passed and distance traveled between us, keeping old friends connected in spite of it all. Thank you so much for noticing Pink Shoes’ growing ministry! YOU are a gift to me!
      🙂 Brita

  6. Brita – your brilliance in understanding the Word and passing it on to those of us who “don’t quite get it, but believe unconditionally” is so uplifting. Your ministry is just one of the parts of your life where God has found a true follower of the Lord, our Savior. It is a pleasure knowing you, singing with you and obtaining advice when I am down, laughing with you and listening to your knowledge in bible study and when you are preaching – even when we’re teasing each other. I’m pleased to be your sister and now that I’m a child of your mom, your sister, Britton and Joffrey’s aunt – and some type of in-law to Dallas, my family is complete. Please pray with me that some time soon I get to see my daughter and her children – it’s been so long. Keep up the good work with your ministry. You are the only woman I know with so much love for the Lord and the world. Your friend in Christ – Sister Jackie.

    • Jackie – you are such a DEAR SISTER in Christ! Your friendship and support are a blessing to me every day and I thank you for speaking from your sweet heart! God has so many ‘lightbulb moments’ in store for you… GET READY!

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