12×12 Challenge: Day 12 (January 6th)

Day 12 begins with Romans 12 in the New Century Version: Click HERE to read!

Word(s) for Day 12: Live in Peace

Inasmuch (LOVE that word!) as it is up to YOU, Live in Peace with everyone. Your next door neighbor. Your in-laws. Your children. Your boss. As much control as you have in any life-situation, use it to Live in Peace (period). We need to stop criticizing, placing blame and pointing the finger at others. If ever there was a New Years’ Resolution worth resolving, it’s this one: Do your best to Live in Peace.


My efforts are often weak, Lord – I admit it. Can I honestly say that I daily choose to do my best to Live in Peace with everyone?! You know the answer to that. After these 12 days in your Word, I am in need of Your direction and guidance more than ever before. As another New Year begins, I am desperate to grow into the person You have created me to be! Help me to continue to seek You in Your Word, being not only willing but ready to assume a position of Peace in each and every situation that unfolds in my life in this year. Amen.

THANK YOU for joining Pink Shoes Ministries for the 12×12 Challenge! As we complete the Challenge and our twelve readings of Romans chapter 12, be aware that a NEW series will begin here on Ash Wednesday – February 13th. I hope you’ll be ready for WANT What You’ve GOT (Lent 2013)!

One final Romans 12 video link remains for us to consider as we let God’s Word work on us in this New Year! Enjoy, and be BLESSED! Share your feedback here, or email Brita at: brita@pinkshoesministries.me     Click here to view.

12×12 Challenge: Day 11 (January 5th)

Day 11 begins with Romans 12 in the New International Readers Version: Click HERE to read!

Word(s) for Day 11: Leave Room for GOD…

  • In your mind, so that you can be transformed… Leave Room for GOD.
  • In your body, so that you can be used in the work of God’s Church… Leave Room for GOD.
  • In your schedule, so that you will be available whenever someone is in need… Leave Room for GOD.
  • In your heart, so that you can feel the pain and joy of others… Leave Room for GOD.
  • In your response to the challenges and attacks of others… Leave Room for GOD.
  • In your attitude toward yourself and all of God’s creation… Leave Room for GOD.

Much of the world has no vacancy when it comes to giving the Spirit of God room to move within our lives. Much of the world relies on a very small vocabulary: Me. Myself. Mine. Today, do the opposite. Leave Room for GOD!


Humbly I bow in Your Presence today, Lord, asking You to fill the space inside of me with MORE than me… I ask You to fill me to overflowing with YOU! Create space in me for Your grace to take root; water the seeds of faith in my heart with Your love. Remind me not to hit back when I’m wronged, but to remember Jesus and trust You to know what to do. In Your kindness, show me that I’m not all that but don’t let me forget that You ARE. Through me on this day, overwhelm the world with the unexpected & opposite behavior of someone who is learning to Leave Room for GOD. Amen.

12×12 Challenge: Day 10 (January 4th)

Day 10 begins with Romans 12 in the Good News Translation (GNT): Click HERE to read!

Word(s) for Day 10: Share & Bless

Everything was meant to be shared. Food. Warmth. Resources. Time. Laughter. Tears. Space. What do you own that you are keeping to yourself? Consider each of these a holy invitation to share.

To bless is to wish nothing but the best for another. No ill will. No hard feelings. No payback. No disrespect. Blessing is about more than the words that you use – it’s about the thoughts that you think when you aren’t editing yourself. Of course, no one knows this but you… and God. Don’t pat yourself on the back for restraining your tongue – what counts is that you actively praise, speak well of, protect and show favor toward everyone. Especially those who aren’t exactly blessing you.


Provider, Protector and Giver of blessing, everything I have comes from You. Help me to see Your provision as an opportunity to assist You in sharing the wealth of Your Kingdom with the needy, the grieving, the joyful and the hard-to-love. Expand my vision so that no one escapes my notice (because I know that no one escapes Yours). May I be an agent of Your divine care toward whomever You direct me today. Amen.

12×12 Challenge: Day 9 (January 3rd)

Day 9 begins with Romans 12 in the Tree of Life Bible: Click HERE to read!

Word(s) for Day 9: Zeal

Zeal is a great word – it even sounds active! Much of what Romans 12 is saying to us boils down to actively engaging in the Christian life. Are you energetic or obligated? How does your life score on the Zeal– o-meter? Go out and live it – today!


You inspire me to live my life with the pedal to the metal, Lord! Give me the strength to serve, rejoice, endure, persist and contribute to the life and well-being of others as I demonstrate Zeal for Your Word and Your ways in this world. Amen.

12×12 Challenge: Day 8 (January 2nd)

Day 8 begins with selections from Romans 12 in The Voice translation: Click HERE to watch!

Word(s) for Day 8: Despise Evil. Pursue Good.

In order to despise evil, we must first admit that evil exists. Evil is real and exists in opposition to what is good. Until we are willing to see things as they are we will be unable to do anything about it. Paul teaches that we should despise evil – abhor it. Separate ourselves from it. Stop making excuses for it. Instead, we are to pursue that which is good. Chase after it! Align ourselves with what is from God – as if our lives depended on it. Because they do.


Good and gracious God, I believe that every good and perfect gift comes from You. Where good and love exist, I believe You can be found. Give me eyes to see You in the good that I find in the world and in the people You’ve created. By Your Spirit’s power and presence, please also help me to recognize evil and be willing (and able) to call it what it is. More than labeling, though, enable me to take action for the good against the evil in this world. When evil is found in my own life and choices, may I seek Your forgiveness and repent and follow You. When evil is evident in the world and people around me, may I choose to stand for what You’ve taught me is right, trusting in Your protection and clinging for dear life to Your Truth. Put my willingness to love authentically to work in Your Kingdom today. Amen.

12×12 Challenge: Day 7 (January 1st)

Day 7 begins with Romans 12 in the Common English Bible (CEB): Click HERE to read!

Word(s) for Day 7: DEVOTE Yourself

Devote, dedicate, consecrate, hallow mean to set apart for a special and often higher end. Devote is likely to imply compelling motives and often attachment to an objective. Dedicate implies solemn and exclusive devotion to a sacred or serious use or purpose. Consecrate stresses investment with a solemn or sacred quality.’

Paul, the writer of Romans chapter 12, devoted himself to carrying the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the non-Jewish population of the world in which he lived. It was his sole focushis reason for living. You have been given breath to breathe and life to live. God has invested His gifts in your physical body so that you can carry the Good News with you into every relationship, situation and location you find yourself in. On this first day of the New Year, consider making a single resolution…

Devote yourself to the things of God.

In other words…

Set yourself apart for the special and higher calling you’ve received.

Tether yourself to the compelling motives of people like Paul and allow your connection to the Holy to reveal your daily life-giving objectives.

Dedicate yourself exclusively to the King and the work of His Kingdom.

Invest your life and all your treasure in God’s Plan! Go all-in! Hold nothing back! Devote Yourself!


God of everything new, I choose this day to devote myself to You! Use my energy to show me where Your Spirit is at work in my life. Use my interests to pave the way to relationships with those You need me to care for. Use my mistakes and weaknesses to bind my heart together with other broken people in need of a Savior. Help me to stop dabbling in lots of nothing and instead, grant that I would have the strength and the motivation to invest in a little bit of heaven. I dedicate my everything to You, Lord. Do what You can with me! Amen.

12×12 Challenge: Day 6 (December 31st)

Day 6 begins with Romans 12 in the God’s Word Translation (GW): Click HERE to read!

Word(s) for Day 6: (Different) Gifts

‘God in His kindness gave each of us different gifts.’ Romans 12:6a (GW)

The year we are wrapping up today was filled with gifts from a kind and loving God. Gifts that suit us. Gifts that reflect our God-ordained abilities and talents. Gifts that fit our age and stage of life. Different from the gifts that God has given others, your gifts are for you to develop, practice and use in the world around you, for the good of those whom your life touches, and for the glory of the One Who gave those gifts to you in the first place. Let’s finish 2012 by asking two questions that, when answered, have the potential of bringing heaven to earth in the year to come:

How am I different from others?

How might my differences be part of God’s gift for my family, my community, my church and my world?


Generous God, You give the greatest gifts! Thank You for making me just the way I am, even though I admit that there are times when I struggle to see myself as gifted. Remind me that all I ever have to be is my simple, quirky, unique self. By the power of Your Holy Spirit, help me to uncover the passion You planted within me – the Spirit-fire that ignites the gifts I find under my ‘tree’ every morning (great is Your faithfulness!). I want to embrace the life You’ve given to me as I begin another year, eager to live into my calling as You lead and coach me, one day at a time. Help me to fix my focus on serving You with my different gifts while giving others the space and encouragement they need to find themselves in You as well. Amen.

12×12 Challenge: Day 5 (December 30th)

Day 5 begins with Romans 12 in the Easy-to-Read Version (ERV): Click HERE to read!

Word(s) for Day 5: Each Part Belongs

There’s a good chance that you’re already familiar with Paul’s Body-language. Just as you have a physical body with many parts, each with its unique functional mandate (by God’s design), so the Body of Christ is an assembly of parts put together by God. Each part – each one of us – is placed in the Body with a role to play. A job to do. A contribution to make. It isn’t a stretch for us, really, to accept the idea that each part belongsin the Body. That isn’t, however, exactly what Romans 12:5 is saying.

“We are the parts of that body, and each part belongs to all the others.” Yes, we belong in the Body of Christ (and this is very, VERY good news!), but as one holy Body-part, you and I also belong TO all the other parts. We are not our own. As one member of a local church and the Church Universal, we belong to all of the other members – not just to Christ. This little word to is much harder to embrace – in this context – than the word in, yet it will make all the difference in the world. And in the Kingdom of God.


Body-Builder and Creator God, I need to be reminded that I belong. I belong to You! I belong in the Body of Christ on this earth for precisely such a time as this! Don’t let me forget – send Your Spirit to remind me – that I’m not alone in my belonging. Each part belongs, according to Your intricate design, including a vast variety of people (including people I admit I wouldn’t have chosen to be in the Body with). Help me to take my function seriously, but not too seriously. Not at the expense of the value of another. As a member of Your Body, help me to be responsible for and to all of the rest of those who also belong. Whenever it is up to me, help me to choose to live and work and worship You in harmony with all of Your people. Amen.

12×12 Challenge: Day 4 (December 29th)

Day 4 begins with an excerpt of Romans 12 by students of Lipscomb University:

Click HERE to watch!

Word(s) for Day 4: Sober Judgment

“Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought, but rather think of yourself with sober judgment, in accordance with the faith God has distributed to each of you.” (Romans 12:3b NIV)

To think of yourself with sober judgment is to: be of sound mind; be in your right mind; exercise self control and to curb one’s passions. Live this day in a posture of sober judgment toward your thoughts, your inclinations and your tendencies. Turn off the auto-pilot and question your motives. Trust this faith-powered process to lead you closer to the God-created you.


YOU, oh Lord, are the FAMOUS ONE!  Help me to set aside my longings for earthly fame and fortune, choosing instead to leverage my gifts, abilities, talents and position to draw attention to You. There is a way that seems right to me on most days, and it’s easy for me to go there… I need You to remind me to look with sober judgment at my decisions and desires as the faith You’ve placed within me grows. Give me eyes to see myself as You see me – a child of purpose. Empower me to live for You. Amen.

12×12 Challenge: Day 3 (December 28th)

Day 3 begins with Romans 12 in the Amplified Bible: Click HERE to read!

Word(s) for Day 3: NEW (renewal, new ideals, new attitude)

God is doing something NEW and He wants YOU to be involved! The world around us is pretty predictable, with its hunger for comfort and money and things, but this isn’t where the heart of God is… He is shaking things up all around us, inviting women and men into a NEW way of thinking about the world in light of our Kingdom connections. The fruit we can expect when offering our ordinary to the God of second chances is anything BUT normal by the standards of this world! God’s NEW is going to get underneath your skin, turn your routine and expectations upside-down, and generate NEW priorities, NEW goals and even NEW thoughts inside your head. God-planted thoughts. Spirit-directed thoughts. Attitudes and ideals becoming of a child of the King.


God Who continues to create, make something NEW out of me! I give You access to the raw material of my life – my thoughts, my physical body, my presence and my connections – so that You can put me to work in new ways for the good of others and for the goals of Your Kingdom. Today I choose to decisively dedicate myself and all of my resources to You, yielding my own short-sighted goals and priorities to Your big-picture plan; making room for the renewal that only You can enact in me. Amen.