A Different Path through Advent (aka: Who Needs a Traveling Buddy?)

Advent begins on Sunday, November 29th, unleashing a “tradition” of holiday chaos in households across America. Will you join in? Or will you join me in taking a different path through the season of Advent this year?

Trek to the Manger is a daily devotional guide for busy women during the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Each chapter is bite-sized, giving women who are hungry for meaning and purpose plenty of food-for-thought without adding too much weight to your already jam-packed holiday schedule.

Admittedly, Trek was written pre-pandemic, so some of the content may resonate differently with us this year. Still, who among us doesn’t need a little help right now to FOCUS on the Light of the World?

Check it out here! Consider taking this Advent journey with family and friends who may be missing your presence, but who would relish the opportunity to take this ADVENTure with you from afar.

So… invite a few friends, visit Amazon for your books, and gear up for a journey to the manger that just might birth something new in you!

Even if you’ve Trekked with me before, consider joining the Facebook Group this year. We need each other!

This could be a beautiful thing.