Want What You’ve Got! (weekend)

Remember photo albums?

Those weighty books with thick, plastic-covered pages which, when peeled back, revealed a sticky surface for mounting photos of people and places and events worth remembering? I’ll bet you have half a dozen of them tucked away in a closet or under a bed somewhere. Mine are stored in a trunk that doubles as a coffee table and they don’t see much daylight, poor things.

Some of the photos in your albums are ancient, dating back a generation or two, chronicling the lives and days of family members you may never have actually met.

Some of those pictures are embarrassing, with hairstyles and expressions and clothing choices you would honestly rather forget.

And inhabiting some of your albums are photos of trips and vacations with dear friends and family that this weekend, you need to be reminded of.

If you are fortunate enough to have a photo album collection, you are blessed to have a visual history and record of at least some of your memories! Have you ever showed these photos to your kids? To your grandchildren? How long has it been since you’ve tripped down this photo-induced memory lane with your spouse?

Every picture tells a story, and your stories were meant to be told! Grab the dust rag, unearth those bulky volumes, and Want What You’ve Got this weekend by remembering and celebrating your life and your loved ones the old-fashioned way, compliments of Kodak.