12×12 Challenge: Day 12 (January 6th)

Day 12 begins with Romans 12 in the New Century Version: Click HERE to read!

Word(s) for Day 12: Live in Peace

Inasmuch (LOVE that word!) as it is up to YOU, Live in Peace with everyone. Your next door neighbor. Your in-laws. Your children. Your boss. As much control as you have in any life-situation, use it to Live in Peace (period). We need to stop criticizing, placing blame and pointing the finger at others. If ever there was a New Years’ Resolution worth resolving, it’s this one: Do your best to Live in Peace.


My efforts are often weak, Lord – I admit it. Can I honestly say that I daily choose to do my best to Live in Peace with everyone?! You know the answer to that. After these 12 days in your Word, I am in need of Your direction and guidance more than ever before. As another New Year begins, I am desperate to grow into the person You have created me to be! Help me to continue to seek You in Your Word, being not only willing but ready to assume a position of Peace in each and every situation that unfolds in my life in this year. Amen.

THANK YOU for joining Pink Shoes Ministries for the 12×12 Challenge! As we complete the Challenge and our twelve readings of Romans chapter 12, be aware that a NEW series will begin here on Ash Wednesday – February 13th. I hope you’ll be ready for WANT What You’ve GOT (Lent 2013)!

One final Romans 12 video link remains for us to consider as we let God’s Word work on us in this New Year! Enjoy, and be BLESSED! Share your feedback here, or email Brita at: brita@pinkshoesministries.me     Click here to view.