12×12 Challenge: Day 10 (January 4th)

Day 10 begins with Romans 12 in the Good News Translation (GNT): Click HERE to read!

Word(s) for Day 10: Share & Bless

Everything was meant to be shared. Food. Warmth. Resources. Time. Laughter. Tears. Space. What do you own that you are keeping to yourself? Consider each of these a holy invitation to share.

To bless is to wish nothing but the best for another. No ill will. No hard feelings. No payback. No disrespect. Blessing is about more than the words that you use – it’s about the thoughts that you think when you aren’t editing yourself. Of course, no one knows this but you… and God. Don’t pat yourself on the back for restraining your tongue – what counts is that you actively praise, speak well of, protect and show favor toward everyone. Especially those who aren’t exactly blessing you.


Provider, Protector and Giver of blessing, everything I have comes from You. Help me to see Your provision as an opportunity to assist You in sharing the wealth of Your Kingdom with the needy, the grieving, the joyful and the hard-to-love. Expand my vision so that no one escapes my notice (because I know that no one escapes Yours). May I be an agent of Your divine care toward whomever You direct me today. Amen.