Trek to the Manger (DQ15)

Trek to the Manger Ch 15I recently interviewed a woman who has been in the United States for just a few years. She came from a war-torn African country, where her father and brothers were killed in front of her young eyes. In her barefoot escape for survival, she lost her mother. Only years later were they miraculously reunited in a refugee camp.

She knows what homelessness is.

I have a friend with a past, whose children had decided she was not the mother they wanted. They followed her example (drug abuse, weak relationships) but they did not want to follow her. She found a man who led her to a church where she found healing and friendship and Jesus. After years of praying for her children, they began to come back home.

She knows what homelessness is.

Homelessness has many faces, some of which have nothing to do with where you lay your head.

“My dear friends, if you know people who have wandered off from God’s truth, don’t write them off. Go after them. Get them back and you will have rescued precious lives from destruction and prevented an epidemic of wandering away from God.” James 5:19-20

Who comes to mind when you read these words? What are you going to do about it?