Want What You’ve Got


“Thou shalt not covet.”

For today’s woman, there is plenty to wrestle with when it comes to applying the wisdom of the Tenth Commandment to everyday living. Teacher and retreat leader Brita Hammit invites readers on a 30-day devotional journey toward embracing what we’ve got – which is everything! – in Christ.

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12×12 Challenge: Day 9 (January 3rd)

Day 9 begins with Romans 12 in the Tree of Life Bible: Click HERE to read!

Word(s) for Day 9: Zeal

Zeal is a great word – it even sounds active! Much of what Romans 12 is saying to us boils down to actively engaging in the Christian life. Are you energetic or obligated? How does your life score on the Zeal– o-meter? Go out and live it – today!


You inspire me to live my life with the pedal to the metal, Lord! Give me the strength to serve, rejoice, endure, persist and contribute to the life and well-being of others as I demonstrate Zeal for Your Word and Your ways in this world. Amen.