Trek to the Manger (DQ16)

Trek to the Manger Ch 16We used to call them “busybodies.” That may not be the term these days, but I’m pretty sure we all know one. Someone who makes everyone else’s business theirs, but whose own house is in less-than-perfect order.

Seriously, though – whose house is in perfect order, anyways?! Not mine. Not by a long shot.

A critical spirit has the power to dim the lights in any relationship. When was the last time you experienced a “power outage” due to criticism? (Ponder this one in your head.)

How might you turn that energy-drain around and invest some creativity into the lives of others this week? Who needs encouraging words? Whose burden can you share, and how?

We are more than halfway through our Advent-ure, yet this is where the going gets tough. Schedule creep is happening. Stress is rising. The list is long and the energy is waning. Hold your course, Trekkers! Follow that star!