Trek to the Manger

Thanks for Trekking in 2017!

A special thank you to those who contributed to the online discussion during Advent, posting three or more times during the season:

Kari, Michelle, Leslie, Sue & Loretta – Check your email for details on your special “thank you” from Pink Shoes Ministries!

Traveling Mercies in 2018!

Advent Should be an Advent-ure!

November 26 – December 24, 2017

Trek book cover

Trek to the Manger

Advent Devotions for Women on the Move


I am ready to take a different path toward Christmas this year. One that honors tradition without bowing the knee to retail-bullying. One that embraces fun and gift-giving without breaking the bank. One that engages more of me than just my schedule and my credit card. Will you travel with me?

Join Up! Take two minutes to complete the registration form below.

Gear Up! Get your copy of Trek to the Manger on and download the December 2017 Trek to the Manger Reading Schedule  here.

Team Up! Traveling is much more fun with a friend, so team up with your favorite girls for an advent season like no other! Download your FREE copy of the small group discussion questions, or simply weigh in on the daily question here at Pink Shoes Ministries from Sunday, November 26th through Christmas Eve.

Look Up! Smart girls (like Wise Men) know a star worth following when they see it. Fix your eyes on the star and get ready for the Light of the World to arrive! As you travel through the holiday season, let us help you keep your focus. Registered participants who engage in the online discussion will be eligible to win nifty prizes (details below)!


Participants who register for the Trek and post at least three times in response to the daily question on (between November 26 – December 24) will be entered into a drawing for some nifty prizes:

  • A pair of hiking boots (so you can “trek” in style)
  • One FREE registration to a women’s retreat-to-remember, February 16-18, 2018 in Prescott, AZ
  • Dibs on Brita’s next devotional book, Want What You’ve Got!, the minute it hits the presses
  • Special collaboration rate for your church/women’s group to work with Brita in planning your next retreat or special event!

Are you in?



17 thoughts on “Trek to the Manger

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  4. Following the light and what makes us shiny seems like a no brainer! Being in a holding pattern…wow – this is all speaking to me at this season in my life right now. Can’t wait to keep reading!

      • The scenario of us being asked our citizenship and answering the Kingdom of Heaven so reminds me of Clarence, the angel, in “It’s a Wonderful Life.” He wasn’t readily accepted.

      • How cool that you thought of Clarence (timely)! And you’re right, Beth – we often fail to accept the (presumably) far-out claims and stories of those around us. Maybe we are too quick to dismiss what (or, who) we don’t understand?

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  7. After reading Chapter 10, I thought about an incident I had the other day. I had my Granddaughter with me and we pulled in the driveway of my house. She got out first and hurried to the door. She was carrying a gallon of milk I had just bought with my last $5 till payday. She dropped it and it exploded. Now normally I would have gotten upset, but this calmness came over me and I burst out laughing. Instead of it being an angry moment, the two of us shared a wonderful, memorable moment. We look back at it and giggle.
    I am enjoying my trek. Thanks Brita, it is a wonderful Devotion Book.
    Tina Harpst

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