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3 thoughts on “Upcoming Events

  1. Hey Brita! I am just so excited that you are going to be at Arnold’s park!! I have come to love and respect several of the women leaders-especially Janice Sneller. Also-want to say how much I appreciate your thoughtful meditations. I have been in a spritual “deadzone” struggling with being thankful for all things. In the midst of this I started reading Ann Voskamp. Her writing is soul filling. I find her writing poetic and beautiful both in style and content. In your spare time (laughter here) I recommend checking her on the net. Love in Jesus name, Lottie.

    • Dear Lottie!! How wonderful to hear from you – I missed you so much in February! God is so good to give us voices we can HEAR during our dark & dry seasons. His faithfulness is mind-boggling sometimes! Thank you for staying in touch 🙂 You are in my heart!

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