Women’s Retreats

The following retreat events are a sampling of those which have been created by Brita at Pink Shoes Ministries.

Each retreat is designed as a weekend event (Friday night – Sunday noon) but may also be adapted to a mini-retreat format (Friday night – Saturday afternoon/evening) or individual teaching session(s).

For information about bringing one of these Pink Shoes Ministries events to your faith community, use the Contact Form provided below.

SCRAPBOOK: Remember. Aspire. Embrace.

photoMany people experience life as a disjointed series of events (like pictures in a scrapbook). No structure. No lasting significance. No continuity. 

SCRAPBOOK reminds us that life is a deeply connected system. What we do and say today will echo into eternity and will become tomorrow’s memories. There really is no time like the present to embrace our memories and aspire to our future as the timeless community of Christ!

SCRAPBOOK: Connecting Women to What Matters Most.

Ready to Wear: A Women’s Retreat of Fashionable Proportions

shutterstock_161643722 ready to wear

Let’s face it: Women know clothes.Whether you’re a fashionista or a thrift store diva, there are clothes in your closet that are ready to wear… but how does a daughter of the King put on Christ?

Ready to Wear is a workshop in Kingdom-dressing for women who long to do more than accessorize with their faith. Each session is an opportunity to try on your spiritual armor while learning to walk the runway… God’s way!

PIECES… because life was meant to be shared

shutterstock_150974762 official

On any given day, at any given time, women all over the world find themselves sifting through the pieces of their lives. Whether nicely shaped like a puzzle piece or sharp-edged and broken, YOUR PIECES belong on the altar of our God!

Bring your tired, your poor, and your broken pieces for a weekend filled with God’s putting-it-all-together-again!

Hot AND Cold!shutterstock_22396822

There’s No Time for Tepid in the family of God! This therapeutic retreat makes room for God’s Hot AND Cold presence as women dig into Jesus’ letter to the church at Laodicea (Revelation 3:14-22).

Jesus stands at the door and knocks. Isn’t it about time we let Him in? After all, who doesn’t need a fresh encounter with the God of holy fire & spiritual refreshment?


Look around. The world we live in is long on threats and tragedy, short on joy and peace.
Look inside. The load of tension and stress that you consider ‘normal’ is not at all what God has in mind for His people to carry around.

Women of all ages know what it’s like to live in fear – captive to the what-ifs and worst case scenarios – but God is calling out for His daughters to hear the truth and stand firmly on His promises. Right here. Right now.

fearLESS is an empowering weekend of staring down our fears while learning how to find our focus (and our peace) in Christ alone. The rest of the world has decided to fear more of everything, but not us… fearLESS

SALTY: A Day in the Life of a Matthew 5:13 Woman

You’re busy. Energetic caregiver. Dedicated wage-earner. Devoted companion. Child of God.

How can a busy woman live a SALTY life in the midst of everyday commitments and chaos? Does faithful living require adding more to an already crazy schedule… or could it be that in life – as in the kitchen – sometimes a pinch will do? Discover a taste of Kingdom living in the mind-blowing power of salt and leave equipped to be the best YOU that you can BE!

Conversations With Our Creative God

Shhh! Did you hear that? The God of the Universe is speaking to you!

Conversations With Our Creative God is an invitation to a life of God-connection for believers who are not satisfied with second-hand faith. Experience God in the now by being open to His creative Voice through teaching, small groups and guided times of personal prayer with the accompanying event workbook.

Kingdom COME!

Every little girl wants to be a princess, but every woman who follows Jesus is already a daughter of the King!

Kingdom COME! is an adventure through God’s Kingdom, complete with crowns, castles and life at court. Discover what earthly kingdoms can teach us about Heaven while exploring the past, present and future Kingdom of God.

You know the words. It’s time to pray it like you mean itKingdom COME!


3 thoughts on “Women’s Retreats

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  2. I have attended the last 10 Retreats having missed only the first one. Brita never fails to inspire, surprise, encourage, teach me. She is one of the most godly women I have had the pleasure of meeting and knowing; and I am grateful for each yearly experience. Do I have a favorite? Hum, hard to choose. I have learned something different at each Retreat but each is always filled with God’s love and truth. I have faced my weaknesses, my sinful nature, my strengths, my past/present/future. I claim the title of daughter of the King, Jesus is my brother, sisters in Christ. I know I will leave the retreat with being powered-up, feeling God’s love and peace, energized with God’s truth and hope. Brita makes all feel welcomed and accepted. She knows scripture and she speaks from her heart and she is prepared. I would recommend each and every one of the retreat titles posted above.

    • Judy –

      Thank you for “thinking out loud” about your retreat experiences! When you and I spoke at this year’s event, God gave me a glimpse of the work He’s been doing in your life during all of these “retreat seasons” – and I am honored and humbled to continue to be a part of His ongoing work in you. What a history we all have together! What a gift these events have been! I look forward to year #12 in 2017!

      So Blessed!

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