RE: Kindness Retreat 2022

Listen to your traveling buddies.

Spiritual Companionship. Retreats. Small Groups. Workshops. When you journey with Pink Shoes Ministries, you’re never alone.

“You go expecting one thing, something totally different happens! Brita always reminds us to be open to what the Holy Spirit presents during our time together and not to be surprised with what happens next.”


“Brita has profoundly affected my spiritual journey and has helped me develop a closer relationship with Jesus. I feel blessed to have been a part of numerous Bible/book studies she has led, as well as women’s retreats. Her God-filled spirit and caring manner are ever-present. Brita’s spiritual wisdom has helped me to apply Biblical and spiritual truths to my everyday issues and struggles. “


“Brita provided spiritual direction for me when I was ready to turn my back on the Church completely. I wanted answers. To be told what the Truth really was. What I got was unfettered wisdom, acceptance, and space. I didn’t know I needed what Brita had to offer. Her gentle guidance allowed me to remove my timeline and conditions from my spiritual experience. She encouraged curiosity and the result was peace for me. Do I have all the answers now? No – of course not!! But I have the support to continue asking the right questions.”


“Brita has an innate genius for putting people together and being a part of – as well as the guide of – the group. Practical Christianity is what I think of with Brita. I always get a great nugget to work with – something that speaks to me in that moment. She is open-minded, creative, generous, goofy… I am richly blessed to have her in my life.”


“When I think of Brita, the words that come to my mind are loving, warm, funny, accepting, and a heart that is so incredibly open to everyone around her. Brita has a gift for gathering a group of goofy, creative, loving women together and creating challenges, learning, fun, and even “Sound of Music” sing-alongs. This is a bond between her and many women that has lasted years.”


“Brita is an excellent listener and never seems too busy to give her full attention. She speaks kindness. I have attended Bible studies and retreats with Brita leading, and each time I have left refreshed, filled with knowledge, a sense of wonder, and the love of our eternal, loving God.”


“Brita carries peace with her and invites you into that peace with a single word. She has a way of putting complex thoughts or concepts into words that are relatable, understandable, and even humorous!  She is a beautiful human with a genuine desire to see others grow and develop into their best selves. Brita is a companion I would appreciate on any journey.”


“Brita makes you feel a part of whatever event she leads and helps you grow spiritually while not being intimidated by what you don’t know.”