Freshman Orientation (a PINK Tuesday post)

UCLA dorm room (of Hedrick Summit)
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This week I’ll head off to Freshman Orientation with my freshly-graduated daughter.

Once at the University we will be given the ‘scoop’ on everything college

where she will LIVE

where she can PARK (providing we send the car with her)

what CLASSES she can take

what to pack into her DORM room

how to handle the PRESSURES of living away from home…

Colleges (I hope) do a pretty admirable job of preparing incoming students for life on campus. For life away from parents. For life away from home.

I wonder how well we do this with those who are in transition all around us, every day? How well do we prepare people for what is coming next? How diligently do we work to foresee the challenges and obstacles the people around us are sure to face? How organized and purposeful are we when it comes to communicating and teaching and empowering others to deal with life as it unfolds?

How do our families do Freshman Orientation? How about our churches? Our schools?

Are we sending children, graduates, new parents, retirees & widows out into the world to fend for themselves when we actually have the tools and the experiences from which they might learn and through which they might become equipped for life in their changing scenarios?

I don’t have the answers today, only questions.

May you question the role that your life plays in the ‘Freshman Orientation’ of others on this PINK Tuesday; and may the answers you find spur you on to good works. Not because you should.

Because you CAN.


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