First Day of School

Still clad in rumpled pjs, I popped a Kcup into its slot and listened sleepily as the fragrant liquid filled my favorite mug. Having located my reading glasses, I made my way to the desk and took my place in front of the keyboard, staring rather blankly into the monitor as it, too, slowly came to life.

Not exactly a photo op, but this is how things looked last Thursday – on my first day of school.

A far cry from the days of shiny new lunch pails and stiff new shoes, a backpack stocked with freshly sharpened pencils and a pair of tightly braided pigtails on my head. Quite unlike those early firsts, this one is a solitary beginning…
No one here to take my picture (thankfully!).
No awkward moments trying to locate my desk in a classroom full of strangers.
No fluttering of the nerves as I sit in silence, waiting for the teacher to call my name out loud…

Maybe I felt a slight nervous flutter as I logged onto the graduate school learning platform and waited for the home screen to load. Announcements. Class Roster. Syllabus. Gradebook. Library.

The only thing missing is the school bell.

I took a healthy swig of confidence from my mug and placed my fingers on the keys.

The adventure begins!


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