ONE GREAT HOPE: Introduction

Let’s talk about what happens at the intersection of real life, God’s Word, and the arrival of Jesus.

Let’s talk about HOPE!

Once Advent begins, we’ve got 28 days to prepare for a celebration of the many ways in which God is with us – 28 days to make some room in our hearts for this One Great Hope. This year, we’ve also got 28 women to walk with us in anticipation of a fresh understanding, a new experience of Jesus’ presence in our day-to-day lives.

Join us beginning Sunday, November 27th for daily devotions written by women whose lives are a lot like your own… Messy. Challenging. Complicated. Hopeful.

Bring your heart and everything in it along with you on this seasonal journey.

Join the conversation by sharing your own reflections and comments below each daily post.

Share this season with other hope-seekers by joining in on two Zoom sessions during Advent (if you’re in Arizona, there are in-person opportunities as well).

Invite your friends to read along with you as together we celebrate the coming of Jesus – our One Great Hope.

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