Jesus said: 

“What is God’s kingdom like? What story can I use to explain it? It is like what happens when a mustard seed is planted in the ground. It is the smallest seed in all the world. But once it is planted, it grows larger than any garden plant. It even puts out branches that are big enough for birds to nest in its shade.” 

Mark 4:30-32, Contemporary English Version

I went for a blood draw recently and prayed that it would go smoothly. You see, I’m what they call a “difficult draw.” It means the lab person has to poke around to find a good vein while I pray that the needle goes in and stays in.

This time I told myself, “Just have a little faith that all will go well.” 

Well, in fact it did. It was a perfect blood draw. She knew just by looking at my arm it would be fine. I didn’t even feel the needle go in.

We both laughed about it and chatted as she finished up. I learned how she had come to visit her parents and saw how many health challenges they were facing. She decided it was best to move here to care for them. She moved to Arizona in May and started working at the clinic in July. I told her what a blessing she was to her parents in their time of need. 

We quickly discovered several other interests we had in common. She sounded optimistic about her new life situation. And I felt her skill and good humor had made me hopeful that I could let go of a longstanding fear of blood draws. Leaving the clinic I said to myself, “What a beautiful connection!” I think she felt the same way, too.

It had just taken a little faith. I had only hoped for a good blood draw. God turned a routine appointment into a joy-filled experience for two people brought together for only a brief moment in time.

I believe I caught a glimpse of God’s Kingdom. When I realize all I need is the faith of a tiny mustard seed, it gives me hope that in some small way every day I can be the love of God to anyone who happens into my life. 

Take a few quiet moments today with God. As you do, I hope you’ll enjoy this beautiful song by Karen Drucker: I Have Faith.

Loving God, in the most surprising places you show me little glimpses of your Kingdom. How wonderful they are! Keep me in the warm embrace of your Kingdom and grace until the day all is revealed to us. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Reflect on this:
When have you seen God do incredible things in your everyday life with your little bit of faith? Where can you plant your mustard seed of faith to make a difference in your community? In this world?

Leeta Mackey lives in Surprise, AZ

I’m a member of Community of Grace’s Prayer Team. You’ll find me walking every day with my Nordic poles looking for fractals in nature. 

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  1. Andi Kristo
    Andi Kristo says:

    Thank you so much Leeta for your inspirational story, words, encouragement and the beautiful song you shared with us. Yes… just a little faith, hope, and trust can change one’s outlook and one’s life.

  2. judymikes
    judymikes says:

    Leeta, I love how a normally difficult experience turned into a “glimpse of God’s Kingdom” because you were trusting the Lord and were able to focus on the relationship with the lady you were meeting instead of the procedure. You were gifts to one another!

  3. Julie Kurz
    Julie Kurz says:

    Being a ‘difficult draw’ myself, with ‘horror stories’ 😧, I appreciated your story of faith and how God turned your faith into a beautiful moment for His glory! I also know what fractals in nature are 😀

      • Leeta Mackey
        Leeta Mackey says:

        Julie, thank you so much for your sharing. I love nature fractals! They are such great reminders of how God puts so much beauty in the details of His creations.

  4. Debbie Nahodil
    Debbie Nahodil says:

    Leeta, thank you so much for your story and for the reminder that the little moments in life can have such big blessings! I LOVE that God is in all the little details of our lives. Sometimes I can get so busy waiting for the “big” moments, that I lose sight of the small ones. I really enjoyed the song you shared as well 🙂
    Hope you have a wonderful, blessed day!!

  5. Leeta Mackey
    Leeta Mackey says:

    Thank you, Debbie. Yes, God truly does care about the little things happening in our lives. Glad you enjoyed the song. I love Karen’s music.


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