I am convinced and confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will [continue to] perfect and complete it until the day of Christ Jesus [the time of His return].

Philippians 1:6, Amplified Bible

When I first read this scripture, it was a comforting reassurance that the best is yet to come.

During the more trying seasons of our lives, it’s easy to lose hope, or even faith. But GOD’S faith in US never dies. “CONVINCED and CONFIDENT” says faithfulness.

Paul was FAITHFUL that God would fulfill his promises, and that’s the same faith we need to have in God finishing his work in us. God doesn’t have to hope because he already knows. It’s our job to remain faithful and in seasons of doubt, to HOPE.

We are ALL a work in progress. And that progress doesn’t stop just because we endure seasons of what feels like stagnation or, as my friend likes to call it, cocooning. We undergo a certain spiritual metamorphosis when we surrender to the Holy Spirit and let the Potter mold us, transform us. Faith is knowing that he will continue to PERFECT us into the unique and beautiful butterflies we are, until the day we go to him and watch every knee bow to the One who truly is perfect.

An art teacher once told me that all art is a work in progress. The artist has to decide when to call it complete.

I like thinking of myself as God’s work of art. I am his work in progress, and only he gets to decide when his work in me is finished. Knowing that I will never be perfect in this world, and knowing that God will never give up on his works in progress, gives me COMFORT and HOPE for my future, because my life truly is in the Potter’s hands – still being molded and perfected until the Artist decides I am complete.

God, help me to surrender to your vision. Help me to let go and let you be the Artist. Remind me that it’s my job to trust the process, because only you decide when I’m complete. Help me to forgive myself for not being perfect enough by the world’s standards, and fill me with the comfort and confidence of knowing that you will complete the work you have begun in me. Thank you for your hope, grace, and faithfulness. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Reflect on this:
In what ways is the Artist still perfecting me?
Am I open to being molded?

Dani Brown lives in Prescott Valley, AZ

I am a manager in training at Subway and am obsessed with gardening.

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  1. Leeta Mackey
    Leeta Mackey says:

    Dani, your writing is such an important reminder to trust the process. I don’t need to struggle and strive for perfection. I can let the Lord mold me as He sees fit until in His eyes I am complete. What a blessed assurance!

    • Rena Armstrong
      Rena Armstrong says:

      Thank you Dani, you pointed out that we do not have to struggle, be still and let God do his work. I struggle to be still.


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