Brita is the author of the following retreats, which can be formatted as a mini (one-day) or weekend event: 

Conversations with our Creative God  An exploration of prayer as conversation, using scripture and everyday items as prompts. Includes a printed workbook for each participant. 

Kingdom COME!  We pray “Thy Kingdom come” – but do we really know what that means? 

Ready to Wear: A Women’s Retreat of Fashionable Proportions  What does it look like for a woman to “put on Christ”? This event explores the Armor of God in ways that every woman can understand. 

PIECES: Because Life Was Meant to be Shared  You say “Broken.” God says otherwise. 

Hot AND Cold!  In the life of faith, there is “no time for tepid!” 

Life in the Zone  Life in the Zone of God’s amazing love is ALWAYS “under construction”! 

My Oasis  We live in a desert. We understand what an oasis is. When it comes to living our best life, prayer can be… My Oasis. 

RE: Kindness  Recapture. Rediscover. Remember. Recover. Revive. Reclaim. Rekindle. Recreate. ALL the RE’s! 

A Wise Woman Once Said…  This event explores the important things women have said (and done) throughout history and encourages participants to find – and use – their own voice today. 

Want What You’ve Got  Based on Brita’s book by the same title, this event explores the 10th Commandment (Do Not Covet) in so many practical ways! 

Talk to Me!  We were built for connection. Learn skills to help you communicate clearly and embrace the community around you. 

Scrapbook  Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow. Step into the River of Life and embrace God’s timing! 

fearLESS  Every day, the world gives us another reason to fear more, but God says… fearLESS! 

SALTY: A Day in the Life of a Matthew 5:13 Woman  How does a woman of faith stay SALTY in the middle of real, messy life? 

[my] F1RST RESPONSE  “A healthy spirit conquers adversity, but what can you do when the spirit is crushed?” Proverbs 18:14 

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