Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted. Matthew 5:4, New International Version In September of 2016, I said goodbye to my best friend and husband of nearly 25 years. At that moment I lost the best part of my life and started a very lonely and heartbroken journey, trying to figure out […]


As the daughter of an English teacher, I developed a love for words at an early age. I’ve always admired how poets can weave their phrases into melody and how storytellers can create worlds with words that seem as real as our own. But most of all, I’ve discovered a love for the history, or […]

One Great Hope

A new kind of ADVENTure begins at Pink Shoes Ministries on Sunday, November 27, 2022. Join Brita and 28 women from every age and stage of life for an exploration of the One Great Hope we all share in Christ. Each daily post will provide a fresh perspective and an opportunity to reflect deeply on […]

Look OUT! (a PINK Tuesday post)

I can be a bundle of nervous energy at times (I know, I know… excessive coffee consumption doesn’t help). I can seemingly curl up into a little ball of my own mental activity, focusing solely on what’s happening inside my head. This is where God found me two weeks ago, sitting in the window seat […]

Gimme A BREAK!

I’ve been on a retreat this week. Never mind that I worked as many as 13 hours a day while retreat-ing. Never mind that what occupied much of my mind-space this week had to do with counting books and counting money. Never mind that my retreat required air travel and taxi rides and coordinating a […]