Cajon (new beginnings)

Cajon is Spanish for box, and it’s also what I got for Christmas a few years back. Not just a box, mind you, but a box-shaped drum. The mellow accompaniment of this cleverly designed instrument is remarkably well-matched to an acoustic set with guitar and piano. Unlike the potentially overpowering presence of a drum kit […]

The Rescue (a PINK Tuesday post)

  “The fact of suffering undoubtedly constitutes the single greatest challenge to the Christian faith.”   –John Stott It’s been this way since time began.   The fact that you are still reading tells me that nothing has changed… SUFFERING a LOSS raises questions and doubts and fears and anger as it CHALLENGES our ability to […]


  Some people walk into a room and suddenly… it’s full.   Full of talk. Full of words. Full of opinions and agendas, served up without invitation for the rest of us to join in. Full of energy – positive or negative – that proceeds to drive every conversation and interaction in its direction. Full […]