Trek to the Manger (DQ10)

Trek to the Manger Ch 10I think we forget that we are children of God.

We grow up and grow into titles and relationships and seats at the table, and we just forget that inside these adult-shaped frames are kids-at-heart.

What childlike quality is missing in your life right now? How might you get some of it back?

I challenge you to uncover the whimsy and wonder that you’ve buried under grown-up responsibilities. Take the Daily Giveaway for a ride and experience life through the eyes of a child (yours or borrowed) in the week ahead, or create some Christmas memories by wrapping packages in ways that foster curiosity and awe.

Then… share some photos with us! Email your gift wrap ideas or kid-focused outing pics to me, with your permission to share (no names will be used – photos only):

Look OUT! (a PINK Tuesday post)

Wing and Sunset

Image by mhaithaca via Flickr

I can be a bundle of nervous energy at times (I know, I know… excessive coffee consumption doesn’t help).

I can seemingly curl up into a little ball of my own mental activity, focusing solely on what’s happening inside my head.

This is where God found me two weeks ago, sitting in the window seat of a plane bound for Georgia. Somewhere over Mississippi or maybe Alabama, I found myself praying intensely about the things pressing into my head – family, ministry, the activities of the week ahead – and I remember clearly asking God to mess with me this week. Surprise me with His presence.

I nearly jumped when, no sooner had I prayed those words, His voice in my head said:

“Brita. You’ve got to look out the window. I’m out there, too.

Being literal (and more than a bit startled by the swift and holy response), I turned to look out over the wing of the plane. As I slowly realized that I’d been in this seat for nearly three hours and hadn’t actually looked outside until now, I also understood what God’s words were meant to say:

“Brita. You’ve got to look outside of yourself. Open your eyes! Look around you! I am out there – in them – too.”

The result was an almost immediate cessation of my self-focused prayers as I recognized how easily I can get stuck inside my head. Life is passing all around me – GOD is passing all around me! – and I am often so busy with thoughts of details and to-do lists that I miss Him.

He’s not just in here, in my head and in my heart. He’s out there, too. In the world around the tiny little seat I’m buckled into. And He wants me to see Him everywhere!

As the plane began to descend over Atlanta, my eyes remained fixed outside and were treated to the most amazing display of rich, autumn colors in the trees that were only just beginning to turn. Colors so varied and yet so perfectly coordinated, as if Someone had…

Well, Someone HAD.

I may be speaking out of turn, but I believe some of you are in desperate need of a wake-up call (and I clearly speak from recent experience). When our focus turns inward, implosion is more than often the ugly result. And everyone nearby is going to know when that bomb stops ticking.

The holiday season is often the worst time for those of us who tend to retreat into ourselves, when what we really need most is to step out in faith, seeking God in the people and places and circumstances all around us. I hope you’ll consider this your personal invitation to take time each day during Advent (start TODAY!) to seek Jesus on the Pink Shoes Ministries’ Trek to the Manger! Click here to start your journey (and keep your focus) during the certain craziness of the days and weeks ahead:

Trek to the Manger 2011

Sisters – you’ve got to look out the window!

And when you do, well… look OUT!  What you see is what you’ll get, and I promise you’ll see our God when you seek Him with all your might!