Sometimes I Forget (a PINK Tuesday post)

Today’s blog includes input from my friend and guest-blogger, Jen Haefner.   “It is funny how much I take for granted. I know I am blessed, but I think sometimes I forget how incredibly blessed I am.” My friend Jen took the Trek to the Manger with us during Advent. Her Trek baggage was heavy […]

The Rescue (a PINK Tuesday post)

  “The fact of suffering undoubtedly constitutes the single greatest challenge to the Christian faith.”   –John Stott It’s been this way since time began.   The fact that you are still reading tells me that nothing has changed… SUFFERING a LOSS raises questions and doubts and fears and anger as it CHALLENGES our ability to […]

OUCH! The Necessity of Discomfort (a PINK Tuesday post)

Discomfort comes in many forms, in varied shapes and sizes. Whether circumstantial, relational, physical, financial or spiritual, the thing we all know about discomfort is THAT IT COMES. Our natural tendency is to recoil when pain and discomfort hit close to home. We FIGHT it! We DENY it! We COMPLAIN ABOUT it! We RUN FROM […]