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‘Please, sir,’ the woman said, ‘give me this water! Then I’ll never be thirsty again, and I won’t have to come here to get water.’

‘Go and get your husband,’ Jesus told her.

‘I don’t have a husband,’ the woman replied.

Jesus said, ‘You’re right! You don’t have a husband – for you have had five husbands, and you aren’t even married to the man you’re living with now. You certainly spoke the truth!’” John 4:15-18 (New Living Translation)

It’ll feel a bit awkward, but read back through this text as a conversation – out loud! Try to feel as Jesus and the woman might have felt…

The Word for us today comes from the story of the Samaritan woman at the well. Jesus strikes up a conversation with this woman whose past is probably part of the reason she is filling her bucket at the well alone, in the heat of the day.

Jesus had every opportunity to point out the error of her ways.

The woman had every opportunity to run the other way. Yet neither one did.

Well, you might say that Jesus asked about the woman’s husband in order to reveal her sinful nature, right? After all, He does proceed to describe her history in enough detail to convince her that He was, at the very least, a prophet.

I want to propose another motivation for Jesus’ approach: What if Jesus asked the husband question just so that He could say to her, “You’re RIGHT!

Think about it… Even in today’s culture, a woman who has gone through five husbands and a live-in probably doesn’t receive much affirmation from the people around her. She gets pointed at because of her choices. She is shunned because of her reputation. She is ‘wrong’ at every turn of every failed relationship, and she is probably surrounded by reminders of those failures no matter where she goes.

Today was no exception – she had no friend or family member to gather water with; the ‘right’ people had already been to the well in the cool morning hours, so she had made the dusty trek alone.

It’s not as if Jesus asked the husband question often – this is the only time we hear of such a thing in Jesus’ ministry. He wasn’t trying to sell her something – say, a timeshare – where His spiel could only be presented if both husband and wife were there to sign (or refuse to sign) on the dotted line.

What if Jesus asked the husband question simply to be able to show her the grace she didn’t deserve; ascribing to this broken woman the value she didn’t know she had?

He asked a question that, if answered truthfully, would allow Him to say, “You’re RIGHT!” to someone who only knew how to be wrong.


I’ve had the privilege of serving as a volunteer for Youth Specialties at the National Youth Workers Convention in the fall. One of my roles in the past has been on the Affirmation Team – a small group of servants whose mission is to affirm, appreciate and encourage youth workers – many of whom arrive at Convention as walking wounded, having been beaten up by the very ones they live to serve.

One of my very favorite A-Team responsibilities was the Affirmation Station – a table set up in the middle of a traffic area, stocked with poster-sized paper and markers. A place where paid and volunteer church staff could create signs to express their love, care and appreciation for the soul-weary co-workers they were attending the event with. The A-Team would routinely stop by the Affirmation Station to hang the posters, and by the end of the week we invariably would have run out of wall space.

Affirmations like these covered the walls, written to build people up and remind them how important they are:

David Jones is the BEST youth pastor in Tennessee!

Mt. Vernon Presbyterian LOVES their Sr. High staff!

What you’re doing MATTERS, Kara! You’re making a difference in Alpharetta!

My life was changed forever because my youth leader CARED!

When Jesus chose to affirm the Samaritan woman that day, He gave back the beauty, intelligence and worth that the living of her life had stripped away.

She was all wrong until Jesus reminded her, “You’re RIGHT!” His affirmation, and the conversation that followed, left her (and many others) changed.

Look around you today.

Look for those who seem all wrong.

Look for those who have been hurt, lied to, beat up and compromised.

Look for those whose past is ever-present, and then follow in the footsteps of Jesus. Set up your own Affirmation Station and make it your Lenten mission to paper the proverbial walls of your home, your workplace and your community with healing words of hope and desperately needed messages of love.

It doesn’t get much more literal than that.

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Kingdom Vision


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“I tell you the truth, some who are standing here will not taste death before they see the kingdom of God.” Luke 9:27 (New International Version)

“I tell you the truth, some people standing here will see the kingdom of God before they die.” (New Century Version)

“Some who have taken their stand right here are going to see it happen, see with their own eyes the kingdom of God.” (The Message)

These words of Jesus have proven for many to be a great stumblingblock to belief in God. Our initial response to this definitive statement is that it simply isn’t true.

The window for this to happen closed a long time ago. The disciples in Jesus’ presence on the day these words were spoken did not see the Kingdom come in their lifetime!

At least, not in the way they thought they would.


We’re winding down our Lenten dig into literal, modern-day applications of Jesus’ words. I’ve personally been struck by just how content I have been to settle for figurative interpretations of Jesus’ teachings over the years. I’m struck (as in, over-the-head-with-a-baseball-bat) by the potential for Jesus Himself to come to life through us, when we take Him at His Word and choose to be doers and not hearers only.

And today I am struck by how apparent this truth about the Kingdom is, now that I’m using my supersonic, laser beam, Spirit-enabled Kingdom Vision.

It began for me today with a crown. A Burger King crown.

A Burger King crown and a conversation between two Kingdom subjects.

You can watch it here, but what you need to know is that you’ll need your Kingdom goggles on in order to see it. In this short announcement by the leaders of Youth Specialties, the Kingdom of God is apparent…

  • In their forthright approach (no ‘spin’).
  • In the way their story is unfolding (not according to their ‘plan’).
  • In their sincere surprise at this turn of events.
  • In the ways that they are being stretched to fit into God’s plans.

Now, you could very easily watch this clip and miss the Kingdom markers in it. You could focus on the great loss to YS when Tic Long decreases his leadership role (because of course he will be missed). You could focus on the fact that YS has had more than its fair share of change in past several years and you could become embittered over yet another transition in this important ministry to youth leaders. You could sit in the skeptic’s seat and wait to see whether Mark Matlock can pull it off to your satisfaction…

You could, but you wouldn’t be using your Kingdom Vision if you did.

For you and me to see the Kingdom of God with our own eyes, we must be changed. The world around us is still the same, but when we look out at it through our Kingdom Vision, we see the King at work!

We see His hand in situations where others miss Him altogether.

We hear His voice come from people who look nothing like Kingdom subjects to the world.

We feel the air move as He passes through a room, even when His presence isn’t felt by anyone else.

We see beauty where others see only pain.

We see light where others are stumbling into walls.

We see hope where others have simply given up.

If we believe that Jesus meant what He said – that the Kingdom of God is visible HERE and NOW – doesn’t our calling become crystal clear? If you have the Spirit-given ability to see through our limited human vision into the things of God as they unfold, you just can’t keep it to yourself!

There are too many others who need your help to see their way through the messes they’ve made and to pull themselves out of the pits they’ve fallen into.

YOU have the eyes to see!

YOU have the ears to hear!

For the Kingdom’s sake, USE THEM!